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QSA’s higher education

The labour market is constantly changing: evolution for companies is a natural and fundamental need 
An effective change of mentality leads us to adopt new working lifestyles, in which research and development of technical and transversal skills are essential elements to promote the diffusion of the culture of health and safety in the workplace as well as corporate organizational well-being .
Being responsive to change increasingly requires us to overturn the concept of legislative obligation, making it a way to enhance one's company by focusing on the centrality of people and their higher education.

Our Higher Education project

QSAcademy is an advanced training project and arises from the need to create training courses to encourage learning the knowledge needed of one's own resources. Through innovative paths we want our customers to acquire the tools necessary for the development and growth of their workers. Increasing awareness and the importance of workers' safety, health and well-being increases the value of human capital within the organization and allows companies to be more competitive on the market.

Our proposals are aimed at professionals, Q-HSE and corporate figures with managerial and team coordination roles.

QSAcademy , up to every change

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How does FAD safety training work?

Our e-learning courses on safety allow information and training of company figures that are quick to activate and flexible in use.
Each course includes an intermediate or final evaluation, and the verification of attendance and conclusion of the training course through telematic tests. At the end of the course, the certificate will be issued automatically, compliant with the original and valid in accordance with current legislation.
Choose the course that best suits your needs from the training modules in the e-learning catalog and carry it out from the comfort of your workplace.

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