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Construction site safety

Since 1998 QSA Srl has made available to its customers a team of consultants capable of carrying out the coordination of the construction site both in the planning and execution phases, with the aim of maintaining a high standard of safety and a punctual control of all processes. 
All our collaborators are in possession of the requirements of Safety Coordinator, with many years of extensive experience in various types of construction sites.

The norm and the figures involved

The risk analysis approach on construction sites (Construction Sites Directive 57/92 and national implementation of Legislative Decree 494/96

has seen an overlap with the prescriptive technical standard on the subject of occupational safety and health on construction sites (the then DPR 164/56) with a specific organizational standard, i.e. the introduction of the site risk assessment and management tool in the design phases of the work in collaboration with the designer.

In addition to providing for a strong accountability of the client in relation to their role as implementer and verifier of the performance of the tasks of the persons in charge, this new approach has given rise to specialist figures: the person represented by the Works Supervisor (RL), the Safety Coordinator in Design Phase (CSP) and the Execution Phase Safety Coordinator (CSE).

What tasks can QSA take on?
  • Appointment of Project Supervisor (RL) or consultant to the Project Supervisor/Sole Supervisor of the Procedure (CRL)
  • Appointment of Safety Coordinator in Design (CSP)
  • Position of Safety Coordinator in Execution (CSE)
  • Appointment of HSE employee on construction sites for operational and documentary verification of contractors (AC)
What documents can QSA draw up?
  • Security and Coordination Plan (PSC)
  • Technical File (FT)
  • Operational Security Plan (POS)
  • Assembly, Use and Disassembly Plan of scaffolding ( PiMUS )
  • Scaffolding Project (PPO)
  • Demolition plan (PD)

Possiamo inoltre fornire alle aziende il supporto tecnico specialistico per la redazione della documentazione prevista nelle offerte tecniche da predisporre in fase di gara per l’affidamento di lavori negli appalti pubblici.

We can also provide companies with specialist technical support for drafting the documentation required in the technical offers for the assignment of public procurement. We collaborate with the company to define the technical, organisational, procedural, innovative and improvement measures for managing safety on site.
Finally, we also provide our customers with SIKURO: a platform where it is possible to view and manage the mandatory documentation to operate on construction sites and manage the deadlines for the obligations required by law. Through this database, QSA is able to provide an integrated service, thanks to the sharing of information in real time with the various company and construction site functions.