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Training wherever you want!

Classroom training activities are also offered by QSA in "videoconference" mode, guaranteeing participants the opportunity to interact within the Virtual Classroom managed by the teacher through a dedicated platform.

What are the benefits?

Through the platform made available by QSA, the teacher will be able to interact directly and interactively with all the participants in the videoconference.

The videoconferencing system, by sending images and audio in real time (and synchronously) from the respective places where teacher and student are present, allows not to be present in the same classroom, even in the face of a frontal exposure.

Direct and immediate audio-video communication between teacher and students is guaranteed as in a traditional classroom.

Validity and guarantee of videoconferencing training

The current legislation that regulates occupational health and safety training activities imposes specific constraints in relation to the "E-Learning" method, while it does not exclude or limit the use of videoconferencing for carrying out classroom training activities.
Therefore, the training carried out by QSA in the "videoconference" mode, provided on the basis of rigorous internal standards that guarantee the traceability and recording of all the activities carried out by the participants, complies with current regulatory requirements. The certificate issued at the end of the course has the same validity as the one issued at the end of a normal classroom course.

Requirements for participants

To ensure correct usability of the course, the participant must be equipped with the following equipment.

  • Stable internet connection
  • Computer or tablet equipped with a webcam
  • Audio devices equipped with a microphone (preferably headphones with a microphone)
  • Once the start date of the videoconference course has been defined, QSA will send the individual participants a communication containing the link from which it will be possible to access the Virtual Classroom and the instructions for logging in.

Consult the scheduled courses  and choose those in videoconference mode!